Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fourplay : Earthside , Veridia , The Nixon Rodeo , Story´s End

Earthside - A Dream In Static (2015) The magic of music
Earthside are a cinematic rock collective from New England, USA. Featuring Jamie van Dyck - Guitar, Frank Sacramone - Keyboards, Ben Shanbrom - Drums and Ryan Giffrin - Bass.
Their impressive debut "A dream in static" is everything but background music, this album is a world of sounds. You´re in for a listening pleasure that will take you to the moon and back, but also give you the same adventurous feeling as a diver among sharks.
The music is full of surprises with instrumental movements, orchestral pieces, modern metal riffs and elements of progressive rock.
The album features guest vocals from Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust) on the 10 minute long "Mob mentality", Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT) on the title track "A dream in static", Björn Strid (Soilwork) on "Crater" and Eric Zirlinger (Face The King) on "Contemplation of the beautiful".
Earthside could be the next big thing in the progrock world, they are about to create tsunami waves with this album.

Veridia - Pretty Lies (2015) The second coming from the new stars of Nashville
The female fronted electro rock band Veridia released a strong debut EP with "Inseperable" in 2014 and it´s good to hear that the 2nd EP "Pretty lies" isn´t an exact copy of the first one.
They truly had a wild mix of dubstep, orchestral rock and electro pop on "Inseperable" but focus more on electro pop/rock oriented songs on the new EP, there´s less dubstep and just a perfect amount of orchestral elements on these 4 songs.
The title track sounds a lot like the Swedish band InDevotion and even if it´s a catchy tune, I prefer the more rocking tracks "At the end of the world" and the powerful opener "Crazy in a good way".
Imagine a more poppy Evanescence and you´ll get "Pretty lies".

The Nixon Rodeo - Relentless (2015) A band with many faces
Playing in a rock band ain´t no rocket science, you just need like-minded people that wants to spend endless hours of rehearsal and have nothing against being broke over studio recordings.
When your local favorite band has a gig coming up, you don´t ask to be on the guestlist because real fans support their bands. Or else bands like The Nixon Rodeo won´t make it outside their hometown of Spokane in the state of Washington, not far from grunge capitol of Seattle.
They have already released 3 albums with "Made to bleed" in 2012, "The Understatement" in 2013 and the new record "Relentless", available now.
TNR crank it up on the first track "Raise the bar" and my thoughts go directly to Quiet Riot but even if the music leans more towards modern hard rock with 80´s vibes. There are also traces of pop punk in some of the songs.
This is what you get if you put Buckcherry, Trapt and Blink 182 into a blender. The best songs are "Scandal", "Now or never" and the cool rocking cover of Michael Jackson´s "Billie Jean".

Story´s End - Turning Point (2015) Modern rock comrades from the sunshine state
When you´re in Orlando, Florida, you can visit Disney World and Sea World or you can rock like the modern rock trio Story´s End.
They are Michael Folds - Guitar/Lead Vocals, Dan Lacey - Bass/Keyboards/Vocals and Troy Wickliffe - Drums. Three guys with the love of creating good music to the world.
The band released their self titled debut EP in 2012 that featured the massive single "Fading" and now they continue with their raid of modern rock bombs on the new EP "Turning point".
We get upbeat pop / punk flavored modern rock within these 4 new tracks that can be described as New Found Glory meets SR 71 with a touch of Volbeat, strange as it may sound.
I like the edgy guitarsound and the band sure do sound tight and hungry, it´s a solid EP but none of the songs can match the superstrong and 3 year old "Fading".

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