Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fourplay : Cats In Space , Innfight , Quor , Federal Charm

Cats In Space - Too many gods (2015) Raise your glasses and travel first class
You know the feeling when you look at your record collection and wonder why there ain´t no new bands around sounding like those heroes E.L.O, Bay City Rollers, 10cc, New England and Supertramp.
Well, guitarist and songwriter Greg Hart thought it was time for a change and put together the new band Cats in Space with lead vocals shared between Paul Manzi and Mick Wilson.
I feel like a kid on christmas eve waiting for Santa to arrive with presents, wow what a terrific power pop/AOR album their debut album "Too many gods" is.
The harmony vocals are top notch on these songs and both thumbs up for Greg Hart and Mick Wilson for writing these 1979-ish pomp AOR songs.
Highlights : Stop, Mr.Heartache, Too many gods

Innfight - Boulevard of pain (2015) You´ll never walk alone
What happens when a band takes inspiration from various genres like 80´s rock, heavy metal and alternative rock? The result can be heard on the debut album "Boulevard of pain" from German rockers Innfight, featuring former members of Liquid Horizon and Virus.
We´re talking modern hard rock here in the same vein as 21Octayne, The New Black and Tainted Nation.
The anti war artwork kinda sums it up how life is in war zones, but even in the darkest moments, hope is on the horizon for the refugees.
Just like the hopeful music on "Boulevard of pain", it´s a start of something new.
A promising debut with thoughtful lyrics.

Quor - Human Paradigm (2015) Your date for the headbangers ball
San Diego based three piece Quor was formed in 2011 and released their first EP "We are going to be awesome" in 2013, the peculiar bandname comes from when they were out driving on a foggy night and saw a giant liquor store sign glowing in the distance. The "L" and "I" were out and the sign read QUOR.
The band features Brian Corn - Guitar/Vocals, Doug Smith - Bass/Vocals and John Michael Cordes - Drums, their new mini album "Human Paradigm" will be out this week and it contains 5 new tracks along with the 4 songs off their first EP.
Quor blend rock, metal and punk into a raw alternative mix where my thoughts go to 90´s metal.
Imagine Alien Ant Farm meets Five Finger Death Punch with a touch of System of A Down and you´ll get "Human Paradigm".
I like it.

Federal Charm - Across the divide (2015) It´s all about the groove
"Across the divide" is the 2nd album from U.K quartet Federal Charm, they deliver bluesy 70´s classic rock influenced by rocknroll greats like Led Zeppelin, Free and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Federal Charm is Nick Bowden - Vocals/Guitars, Paul Bowe - Guitars, L.D. Morawski - Bass and Danny Rigg - Drums. A promising band that received a lot of praise for their 2013 debut.
The music feels honest and you can truly sense their passion for re-creating this retro sound, especially Nick Bowden is a great singer and there are moments when his voice is reminiscent of Davey Pattison (Robin Trower).
This is a solid album where my favorite songs are "Walk away" and "Guess what".
Recommendable if you like The Answer, Rival Sons, Thunder

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