Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fourplay : Cape Lion , Just For Men , Nervous Germans , Phosphene

Cape Lion - Corinth (2015) Luxurious pop served with a hot towel
The electro pop duo Cape Lion was formed in Stockholm in 2012, the producers / songwriters Martin Wiklund and Carl-Johan Sevedag put their heads together and recorded the infectious single "Called you mine" last year. A fave of mine.
So it´s really cool to find out they recently released their debut EP "Corinth" on Sony Music, featuring the new single "Oh girl". The song is like a modern version of Giorgio Moroder´s 80´s disco anthems. But these two tracks are hardly what´s best on this 6 track EP, no no no. That´s the killer song "Mainland", it hits you in the face like a smash from Roger Federer. What if Carpark North collaborated with Harold Faltermeyer after listening to ABBA records all night, then you´ll get "Mainland".
But my choice for the next single is the adorable opening track "We got out in time", talk about being trapped in the digital dawn and I don´t mind.

Just For Men - Brunch (2015) Synth extravaganza for the yuppie generation
Step into my time capsule and head back to 1985, the soundtrack of this journey will be performed by the Brooklyn based duo Just For Men.
Evan Cooney and Couth Curple are truly enjoying life at the moment and it shows in their music, these guys are having a lot of fun playing on the synthesizers like kids at Legoland.
They are flirting with Madonna in the catchy opening track "Material", it´s also the best song on their debut EP "Brunch" but I also dig "9th and Wythe".
The rest of the songs can be described as Go West meets Iris with a touch of New Musik, who said synth pop was dead?
Since we´re back in 85, I´d like to stay here for a while.

Nervous Germans - From Prussia With Love (2015) More than meets the eye
I really didn´t know what to think of Nervous Germans when I looked at the album cover of their 2nd album "From prussia with love", I mean you see a guy with a flying V guitar looking like he could be a member of The Scorpions. The guy next to him looks just like a science teacher and then you have the 3rd guy that is Mr.Cool, he´s looking at you and saying -Wanna hear some Paul Carrack songs?
And on the right, a woman that just don´t belong in the photo. She might as well could´ve visited the studio that day to deliver coffee and cookies for her husband in the band.
Now with that introduction, this album doesn´t start out like the best choice to pick for the music in your headphones today. However, that´s where the smoke clears and you´ll get a much clearer picture once the music starts.
Nervous Germans hails from Berlin, an international city where the music scene has made quite an impact in Europe with bands like Rammstein, Nina Hagen, Tangerine Dream and Cinema Bizarre.
This quartet released their debut "Volatile" in 2014 but my first meeting with the band is the new album "From prussia with love", the production sounds like it could´ve been handled by Jeff Lynne but the music has more in common with Chris De Burgh and The Outfield, and even elements of Matthew Good.
Timeless classic rock so to speak and I like it.

Phosphene - Phosphene (2015) Chicago rocks again
The female fronted rock band Phosphene are influenced by both legendary bands like Van Halen, Guns N´ Roses and Motley Crue but also more modern acts such as Bullet For My Valentine, 10 Years and Evanescence.
I´d like to call their music as explosive modern hard rock with popmetal vibes, the band finds it´s home in 2015 rather than the 80´s.
Even though the new album is self titled, it is in fact their 2nd album where the singer Jeni Leigh is the obvious star in the band. What a great set of lungs she has. Lots of power coming out of that voice.
I´m not a big fan of the drumproduction that feels a bit synthetic, I prefer a more organic drumsound.
For fans of Halestorm, Valora, The Pretty Reckless

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