Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fourplay : Be The Wolf , Iron Maiden , Autopilot , Call Security

Be The Wolf - Imago (2015) Songs for the alternative rock mixtape
Now here´s an odd signing on Scarlet Records that usually releases albums in the heavy metal genre.
"Imago" is the debut album from Italian band Be The Wolf, formed in 2011 in Turin where most things centre around Fiat and Juventus.
Even though they´re Italian, they sound more British to me. We´re dealing with 75 % modern rock and 25 % pop / punk on this delightful 10 track album.
There´s no doubt Be The Wolf has lots of potential, they might even be playing Glastonbury next year. The world is waiting.
And one more thing, "Dust In Hoffman" is a really fun songtitle.
For fans of Fall Out Boy,  You Me At Six, Mallory Knox

Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls (2015) Up the irons
One thing for sure, you can never blame Maiden for following trends. They go their own way and stick that way, when more and more artists are thinking of making only EP´s and singles, Iron Maiden releases their first ever double album.
I was kinda disappointed with their previous album "The final frontier" (2010) but with "The book of souls", they are right back on track.
I am happy to hear that Bruce Dickinson is feeling better from his cancer treatment and I do hope it remains that way, he´s the Mike Tyson of metal and we all want him to continue flying Flight 666.
I can´t remember hearing this much keyboards on an Maiden album since "Somewhere in time" which pleases me to max because it´s one of my favorite albums with this band.
The 13 minute long "The red and the black" is a new classic, it´s epic!
In it´s entirety, we get 90 minutes of pure British heavy metal so a toast to these soccer loving guys for bringing us yet another No.1 album on the charts.

Autopilot - Desert dreams (2015) Open the door to a melancholic soundscape
When you look at the artwork of Autopilot´s new EP "Desert dreams", you can easily believe they´re from Arizona or Texas but that´s nowhere near their home.
Autopilot share the same hometown as Wide Mouth Mason and Joni Mitchell, now you´re all in the clear and feeling all better. Hahaha. Well, if you´ve heard of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada. Then you know what town I´m talking about.
"Desert dreams" is the band´s 4th release and the follow up to their 2013 album "Diamond rough", we´re talking 90´s indie rock with traces of power pop here where my thoughts go to Smashing Pumpkins, Suede and Kashmir.
The music is both sad and romantic at the same time, you either love or hate Marlon Harder´s emotional vocal performance and I love it but I understand the ones that can´t stand it.

Call Security - To whom it may concern (2014) Pop / rock macchiato, medium-size
Originally from New York, the pop / rock band Call Security moved to Boston and released their debut EP "To whom it may concern" last year.
We get a set of upbeat happy songs that sounds like Billy Joel´s kids had a Hanson covers band but got tired of playing Mmmbop every night so they decided to write their own material.
The music is a bit light though and the choruses has too much of that "easy come easy go" factor, it´s not bad - it´s just ordinary. It´s like when you want a cup of strong black coffee but get a Latte instead.
Best track : "Small talk".


Be The Wolf said...

Hey man, Be The Wolf here, thank you so much for your review!
That was sweet!
We weren't able to tag you on our facebook page, but we added a link to your article, if you happen to own a facebook profile, just write that to us on bethewolfband @ if you want to be mentioned!
Have a nice day

Kaj Roth said...

Yeah I really dig your album. It made me happy. I´m FB, I will contact you guys.