Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Plastic Rhino share new single Big man baby

Los Angeles based rock band, Plastic Rhino, debut their 90’s inspired rock on new single “Big Man Baby.” Born out of a mutual love of all things rock, Atara Gottschalk (Lead Vocals) and Jack Glazer (Lead Vocals/Guitar), met in 2011 and were instant friends after discovering their mutual love of live music and a variety of different rock styles. They formed their own band, playing shows throughout the Los Angeles area, slowly garnering a fanbase before releasing their debut EP “Confessions of A Nobody” in 2013. But it was a chance meeting with rock producer Tom Chandler (Diamond Lane, Desecrate) that spurred the further development of their sound, culminating in the release of their critically acclaimed EP “Let’s Begin.” With musical influences that range from Garbage and No Doubt to Metallica; they’ve come into their own as a unique rock band that relies on riff-heavy instrumentation and raw vocals. 
New album "Recondition" coming soon.

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