Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fourplay : Divides , Pat Valley , The Phantom Sound , Dead Letter Circus

Divides - Brokentooth (2015) Tones from the Blair witch forest
I can´t say I have explored the Alaskan music scene that much, in fact I only know of a few bands like Thera, 36 Crazyfists, Portugal The Man and now also Divides.
Not to be confused with the Scottish band Divides, this female fronted band comes from Anchorage, Alaska, but has relocated to Portland, Oregon.
Founded in 2012 and with 2 EP´s in the luggage, they are now releasing their first full length album "Brokentooth" that sounds like The Pretty Reckless meets Conquer Divide with a touch of Paramore.
We´re talking post hardcore flavored pop/rock here, I like the edgy guitarsound and it´s a nice album. What I miss though is a song that stand out, that special moment you long to.

Pat Valley and The Population - Triplicity (2015) Caught in the six string pulse
Don´t judge a book by it´s cover and that goes for Pat Valley and The Population´s 3 track EP "Triplicity", he won´t be nominated in category for best artwork but the music is so much better.
Pat Valley is a promising guitarist from Atlanta, this is his first solo EP and it´s a varied affair too.
Michale Graves, formerly of The Misfits is guesting on the track "Samantha", an upbeat rocknroll song that goes in the same vein as Slash´s solo work.
The best track is "Triplicity" featuring Braxton O´Neal (Braxton and The Renditions), this artsy classic rock song sounds a lot like Geoff Tyson which is wonderful.
"What do you feel?" closes the EP and this one is more of an 80´s pop song a la T´Pau and Berlin,
Brenda Carsey (Feral Kizzy) gets the listener in a good mood with her nice voice.

The Phantom Sound - The Phantom Sound (2015) Soundtrack for the slow cities
A lost unmastered recording from 1980? Nah, a new album from 2015 that will be out this fall.
The Phantom Sound really could be a new wave band from the early 80´s, well if you add some indie rock into it then, that´s the missing link here.
Originally from Los Angeles, lead singer Marisa now resides in London and she´s got a romantic rock album on her hands.
Clem Burke, drummer of Blondie, plays on several tracks and the music also bring thoughts to Blondie as well as Hazel O´Connor and even The Cranberries at times.
First single "Get to me" is out now and the next single "Release me" will be out in September, but the best track is "Silent hush".

Dead Letter Circus - Aesthesis (2015) Time for world dominion
There are some names you should know, Kim Benzie - Vocals, Clint Vincent - Guitars, Stewart Hill - Bass, Luke Williams - Drums and Luke Palmer - Guitars.
These are the guys behind the Brisbane based rock band Dead Letter Circus, with 2 amazing albums they are now ready to take it one step further with the new album "Aesthesis".
Their 3rd LP is the band´s most comprehensive album so far, including the singles "While you wait", "The burning number", "Change the concept" and "In plain sight". This is all you can wish for in a perfect alternative rock album.
It´s almost unreal so good it is, my favorite tracks are "Y A N A", "In plain sight" and "Born Part 2".
The arenas are waiting for DLC.......oh, and while you´re waiting......put it on repeat.

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