Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fourplay : Simple Lies , Kill Ritual , Flaws, Celldweller

Simple Lies - Let it kill (2015) Down the memory lane at Sunset strip
Depending on who you ask, you don´t need much to live a good life. Some prefer to seek the meaning in the bottle, while some likes to work and make a lot of money. Others like me, just want to spend most of the time with the family. If you ask the Italian band Simple Lies, they might just settle for girls and rocknroll. That first Motley Crue album that made them wanna start a band and be just like their idols.
Simple Lies released their debut "No time to waste" in 2012 and this fall, their 2nd album "Let it kill" is unleashed. But to me, they sound like a 2nd division Hardcore Superstar. However, if you´re a fan of bands like Crash Diet, Crazy Lixx and Hardcore Superstar. You might wanna give them a chance.

Kill Ritual - Karma machine (2015) Like another day at the job
Bay Area thrashers Kill Ritual are back with a new singer and a new album, their previous effort "The eyes of Medusa" really took the band to a whole new level with heavier riffs, bigger production and stronger choruses.
So it is with some disappointment I have to admit their 3rd album "Karma machine" don´t reach the same heights as "The eyes of Medusa". The new album is solid, no doubt and their new frontman David Reed Watson (Rage of Angels) is good too. But I prefer the former singer Josh Gibson who left the band before the recordings of "Karma machine".
The band shines in the massive "Rise" and the 7 minute long "Camera´s eye" , they´re good at this but many songs soundalike so it´s hard to be all too excited.
For fans of Anthrax and Savatage.

Flaws - Harsh words through tangled wires (2014) From the ashes of In Case Of Fire
The other day I was listening to the Northern Irish band In Case Of Fire and their much likeable album "Align the planets" from 2009. I knew the band had split up but I had no idea frontman Steve Robinson and drummer Thomas Camblin from In Case Of Fire had started a new band Flaws.
So I was really excited to hear about their first EP "Harsh words through tangled wires" which has traces of their former band but also early era Muse and even Manic Street Preachers.
I definitely want to hear more new music from this band, this is good stuff.

Celldweller - End of an empire Chapter 01-04 (2015) An electronic metal eargasm
Just like the 2012 album "Wish upon a blackstar", Klayton decided to release the new album in chapters to be followed by a LP with all the new songs included on the same record and perhaps some other additions as well.
"End of an empire" is released in 4 chapters, Time, Love, Dreams and Death, including 8 new tracks with vocals, several remixes and instrumental versions of the original songs plus the pieces Faktion 1-10.
"End of an empire" is the 3rd vocal album from Klayton´s Celldweller and a safe buy for fans of his previous albums, so why not make your own compilation with the tracks "End of an empire", "Lost in time", "Down to Earth", "Heart on", "Good l_ck, Yo_´re F_cked", "Just like you", "New elysium" and "Precious one". You won´t regret it.

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