Friday, June 5, 2015

Interview with Full Devil Jacket

Some things aren´t meant to be, while others truly are meant to be. There´s no denying the alternative metal band Full Devil Jacket had every reason to part ways and just let it be and never return as FDJ . No one expected a comeback but there´s no fate but what we make and the fact that the band did reunite was inevitable. They´re back and they are stronger than ever, Even though death had put a shadow over this band, their new album "Valley of bones" ends a 15 year long silence of a band that has so much more to prove.
Palace of Rock wanted to clear some things with frontman Josh Brown.

Hello, it´s good to see and hear the band rocking again. It´s been 15 years since the first album but now Full Devil Jacket is back with a new line up. Tell me about the new members Paul Varnick - Guitars, Zach Broderick - Guitars and Moose Douglass - Bass. Who are they?
I grew up watching Paul Varnick play guitar in a local band in jackson tn. Called MotherCrush.
They actually practiced in my big brothers apartment above the tattoo shop he ran. Moose Douglas has been with FDJ since the beginning, he was our guitar tech back in the day.. We grew up with these guys, they were very excited to be a part of FDJ when the doors opened. Zach was NONPOINTS guitarist, when I was in DAY OF FIRE I toured with him.
The founding members Jonathan Montoya - Guitars and Kevin Bebout - Bass, played with you in the band A New Rebel before the reunion of Full Devil Jacket. How come they´re not a part of FDJ in 2015?  
Working on projects is one thing, re-launching a career is another, and sometimes life does not allow you to do the things you once did. Kevin has an amazing gig in Nashville, he's the head of KRAMER guitars, Jonny is back touring with SALIVA. I think they have moved on, and I totally understand and respect that...

The band has gone through an emotional journey with yourself almost dying from a heroin overdose in early 2000 and the tragic passing of founding guitarist Michael Reaves in 2011. Are the lyrics more personal on the new album Valley of bones?
I wouldn't say more personal because my lyrics have always been very personal, but they are definitely better crafted and more to the point...
Do you have a new perspective to life as a rock musician now compared to when you started Full Devil Jacket in the late 90´s?
Yes, and as a human being, some of those tunes on the first FDJ albums were written when I was 18years old or even earlier.  Now my entire life and outlook has completely changed..I'm older, wiser, and I've been humbled quite a bit...

Valley of bones is a strong metal album and a must for fans of Five Finger Death Punch, White Zombie and Mudvayne. But the album also contains beautiful slow rock songs so there´s a fine balance between the heavy material and the ballads. I especially dig the track August. What are the fans response to the new album?
People that love F.D.J. love the new album, new fans are gravitating to it everyday, Valley of Bones is a success... We believe in the record, and so do our fans...

The band will head out on tour with Hinder and Diamante this summer, that sounds like a wonderful package of rock. Are you excited?
Very excited, the guys in HINDER put on a hell of a show, and I ve just started checking out DIAMANTE, they kick ass... ITS GONNA BE A GREAT TOUR!!!!

I think the artwork of Valley of bones bring thoughts to the album covers of Love Hate´s Blackout in the red room and Wasted in America. I know it´s just a coincidence but do you see the resemblance?
I do, those album covers are very primitive, and the wasted cover is very busy, So I can def see the resemblance.. My art is very busy and very primitive, so I take that as a compliment ...
Your other band Day of Fire announced an indefinite hiatus in 2010 after three albums. What are the members Joe Pangallo, Chris Pangallo and Zach Simms doing today? Are you still in touch with the guys?
I don't really stay in touch with them, but I would think that sometime in the future we would create more music together...

You released a video of the title track as the first single, have you considered releasing a second single from the album soon? How about Blood of the innocent?
That song rocks, we are figuring out which single to release now... We shall see..

One final question, what 3 albums would you bring to a desert Island?
Pink Floyd-The wall
Stone Temple Pilots- Tiny music
Bob Marley- Legend

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