Monday, March 23, 2015

Fourplay : Shapes and Colors , Secondborn , Days of Jupiter , Europe

Shapes and Colors - On display (2015) Detroit rock city still rock
These Detroit city rockers worked with producer Aaron Sprinkle on their newest release "On display", a 4 track EP in the same vein as The Classic Crime, Run Kid Run and Sent By Ravens.
What we get is a blend of pop/rock, emo and alternative rock.
With Sprinkle behind the steering wheel, it´s not so hard to sound classy. Shapes and Colors are hardly unique but I like their songs, you could say you´re in for easy listening moment here.
This will do for now but I would like them to be a bit more daring next time.

Secondborn - Symbols (2015) A band with a ticket to stardom
There´s a lot of energy put into the debut EP from Lafayette based band Secondborn, the production isn´t polished but instead rough and far from being mainstream.
It´s really smart to mix post hardcore, punk and electronica. These guys wants to keep rock and roll dangerous and alive, Secondborn are melodic enough to reach out to wider audience but still being loyal to rock community.
You know the force behind a rocket launch in Cape Canaveral, I get the same feeling from listening to "Symbols" as when I watch a Nasa countdown.

Days of Jupiter - Only ashes remain (2015) Another heavy brick in the Swedish metal wall
The follow up to Days of Jupiter´s debut album "Secrets brought to life" from 2012 is nothing but a muscle affair of post grunge and modern metal.
I only heard the single from that album but a close friend told me he thought DOJ´s first album sounded more American than the 2nd one "Only ashes remain".
The new effort will please fans of Corroded, Blowsight and Smash Into Pieces. I would like to add traces of Disturbed in a few songs though, it´s a competent piece of work that will keep my blood pumping for sure.

Europe - War of Kings (2015) On the second day God created rock
Sweden´s biggest export of the hard rock genre are back with their 10th studio album "War of kings", this time around they worked with producer Dave Cobb (Rival Sons) to get that right feel of a live sounding record.
The band returned to the 70´s on their previous album "Bag of bones" and they decided to stick around in that decade on the new album as well. But "War of kings" is a stronger album than it´s predecessor.
Ok, I miss the background vocals on some of the choruses but that doesn´t take down the overall impression of the entire album.
Joey Tempest and Co are proud over "War of kings" and they should be, it´s a fine piece of work.


Tim Benson said...

Thanks for the EP review! You guys rock!

~Tim // Secondborn

Kaj Roth said...

Hey Tim, keep up the good work.