Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fourplay : Adelitas Way , Daniel Johns , AwolNation , Starsick System

Adelitas Way - Deserve this (2015) The rise and fall of the neon lights rockers
The future looked bright for Rick DeJesus and his bandmates in Adelitas Way after the successful 2nd album "Home school valedictorian" (2011) but the sales of their latest release "Stuck" (2014) couldn´t match their previous albums.
They also received mixed reviews and now the band has come to a crossroad, where do they go from here soundwise?
With the support from fans through the fan-funding site PledgeMusic, Adelitas Way recorded and released their new EP "Deserve this" on their own. And it feels like they´re more rocknroll this time with less chorus oriented songs except for the single "I get around".
The other songs remind more of a blend between 70´s Aerosmith and Nickelback, let´s see how the fans will respond to this new EP.

Daniel Johns - Aerial love (2015) The seats are already taken for the best R&B artist and song
The former Silverchair frontman and The Dissociatives singer Daniel Johns is headed into a completely different direction soundwise on his debut solo EP "Aerial love". This ain´t his backyard and I´m a bit confused why Daniel chose to go R&B when he´s such a master of alternative rock.
Is he out for the fans of Pharrell Williams or?
Perhaps he´s best friends with Kanye West now, well if this is what he wants to do now, go for it but I will go back to Silverchair or The Dissociatives when I´d like to hear me some Daniel Johns.

AwolNation - Run (2015) The artist that goes his own way
Aaron Bruno could make it easy for himself on the follow up to the million selling debut "Megalithic symphony" (2011) with MTV oriented choruses and contemporary electro rock for the masses.
But instead, he chose the artistic path with semi-screamo vocals and more complex songstructures on the new album "Run". Sure, we get the daily dose of some radio ready melodies but they´re not in majority here which pleases me.
This is all about the music and not about making hits. Aaron Bruno just took a giant step on my ladder. Hats off.

Starsick System - Daydreamin´ (2015) Play that riff again Sam.
A new promising band from Italy, here´s Starsick System with their debut album "Daydreamin´" that works very well from start to finish.
It´s nice to hear something from Italy that ain´t power / progressive or death metal. We mostly get something within this genres from the labels Scarlet and Bakerteam Records.
This band is more of a modern hard rock band in the same vein as Virgos Merlot, The Mayfield Four and Alter Bridge. Perhaps not in the same league but not far behind either, give them a chance and you might like them.
They don´t deliver hitsingles but I think it´s not more than right to call them an album band.
Some riffs even bring thoughts to Motley Crue, cool.

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