Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Skyscraper - Elevation

Skyscraper - Elevation (2014) Ghost Dancer Music / Cargo Records
Produced by Martin Kronlund / Skyscraper
Tracks : 1.Sail away 2.Monday morning 3.Far away 4.Across the barricades 5.Everybody cries sometimes 6.Walk through fire 7.Runaway hearts 8.Skyscrapers 9.Through the eyes of liberty 10.The sky is turning blue 11.Playing with fire 12.Sweet little sister 13.Where love is waiting 14.Runaway hearts (acoustic)
4 out of 5

Skyscraper is a great bandname, it´s also the title of David Lee Roth´s 2nd solo album from (1988). And let me tell you, this skyscraper is ready to take you to AOR heaven with their debut album "Elevation". The vocal performance from Lee Small (Shy) is just wonderful, his voice is reminiscent of John Sloman and Glenn Hughes.
Together with his bandpartners Tor Talle - Guitars (Overland) and Dave Boyce - Bass (Airrace), they have created a classy melodic rock album in the same vein as Hughes and Thrall, Bad English, 21 Guns and Strangeways.
I´m glad that the album has more of that fluffy 80´s sound than a modern compressed production, it sounds like a big studio recording so thumbs up to Martin Kronlund for the great work.
Highlights : "Across the barricades", "Runaway hearts", "Sail away".

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