Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chainfist - Scarred

Chainfist - Scarred (2014) Mighty Music
Produced by Michael Hansen
Tracks : 1.Scars of time 2.1000 ways to bleed 3.Black rebel noise 4.Another day in hell 5.Poison moon 6.10.000 7.Know your hate 8.Seven minutes of pain 9.Statement 10.Mass frustration 11.Black rebel noise (acoustic version)
4 out of 5

Time for some Danish dynamite again and this time it´s Chainfist with their follow up "Scarred" to the debut album "Black out sunday" (2010).
They deliver a mix of thrashmetal and modern metal like Metallica meets Disturbed, but a bit more melodic. We get razorsharp guitars and powerful riffs, the track "Black rebel noise" for example is excellent.
We´re talking 100% metal here where they go for maximum overdrive all the way, fans of Alice in Chains might dig the opener "Scars of time" while "10.000" would fit right in with rest of the songs on Metallica´s "Master of puppets".

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