Saturday, April 12, 2014

Psychic Friend - My rocks are dreams

Psychic Friend - My rocks are dreams (2013) Independent
Produced by Will Schwartz / Bo Boddie
Tracks : 1.We do not belong 2.Once a servant 3.Water sign 4.Quality control 5.Shouldn´t have tried again 6.Softer side 7.Silent show 8.Never burn, never bruise 9.The kids are ok 10.Telekinesis
3 out of 5

My rocks are dreams is the debut album from Los Angeles based Psychic Friend, a piano driven pop band fronted by Will Schwartz and the rhythm section of Tripp Beam - Drums and Bo Boddie - Bass/Guitars.
We´re talking 70´s pop here where names like Todd Rundgren and Billy Joel pops up in my head while listening to this 10 track album, but also more contemporary pop like New Radicals and Walk The Moon.
The music feels like drinking a glass of fresh orange juice, I get exalted when I listen to songs like "Once a servant" and "Water sign".
I thought "Never burn, never bruise" was a Supergrass cover but I was wrong, it definitely sounded like them. Several songs on this album do get stuck in the head just like "Never burn, never bruise" and not to mention the opening track "We do not belong".
What a lovely band.

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