Thursday, January 23, 2014

Solar Halos - Solar Halos

Solar Halos - Solar Halos (2014) Devouter Records
Produced by Nick Petersen
Tracks : 1.The vast white plains 2.Tunnels 3.Migration 4.Frost 5.Wilderness 6.Resonance
3 out of 5

Imagine yourself being inside a pitch black room and hearing the thunderstorm in the horizon, just waiting it to hit your house. The electricity´s gone and you´re not really in an uplifting mood but still feeling a bit excited. That´s how it feels like listening to the debut from North Carolina based Solar Halos, I´m not sure but I think it´s the first time I hear a female fronted doom metal band. They sound a bit like Trouble meets Truckfighters but with a more psychedelic touch to it.
The music´s not easy to soak in but the album grows for each time I hear it so don´t give up the first time you listen, "Wilderness" is a really beautiful song.
Good stuff.

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