Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Midrone - My kingdom

Midrone - My kingdom (2014) Independent
Produced by Paul J.No
Tracks : 1.Addicted to you 2.Blood on your hands 3.The best day of your life 4.Another land 5.Ghosts 6.The real good one 7.Just a state of mind 8.My kingdom 9.Little by little 10.Flight number 741.812 11.The last bottle of sadness
3,5 out of 5

Paul J.No aka Midrone, mixed 70´s pop with 80´s synth on his previous album "Foreverness" from 2013. But he´s going all in with the synth pop flavored sound on his new album "My kingdom" and something that makes this album better, are the Nik Kershaw-like harmonies on top of all the sequencers and synthesizers. Paul J.No might not be the greatest singer I´ve heard but his voice works out ok with these fine, fine songs. He´s really great at writing cool chord changes and beautiful melodies, think Howard Jones with a touch of David Gilmour and you´ll get "My kingdom".
The 80´s always puts a big smile on my face and so do Midrone´s new album, my favorite tracks are "Addicted to you", "The best day of your life" and "Ghosts".

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