Monday, January 6, 2014

ManRaze - I surrender

ManRaze - I surrender ( 2013) Mailboat Records
Produced by ManRaze
Tracks : 1.I surrender 2.All I wanna do 3.Connected (Live)
3 out of 5

I get a little confused while listening to ManRaze´s new single "I surrender", I really love this song but don´t get it why Phil Collen didn´t save it for Def Leppard instead?
The sound Collen, Laffy and Cook has created with ManRaze is more straight ahead rock with a crossover of styles such as punk and funk. I think they´re a solid rock band and would´ve liked to hear more new songs than just "I surrender", the other two songs are an acoustic version of "All I wanna do" (original version on "PunkFunkRootsRock) and a live version of "Connected" (studio version on "Surreal").
They´re ok I guess but let´s put the spots on the new song "I surrender", melodic heaven it is.

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