Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Darkyra Black - Dragon tears

Darkyra Black - Dragon tears (2014) Independent
Produced by Darkyra Black / Garry King / George Boussounis
Tracks : 1.Madoka´s lament 2.Lullaby of death 3.Eyes wide shut 4.Japanese Frankenstein 5.Slither 6.Before I wither 7.Cold cold stone 8.Never know 9.Tears by candlelight 10.Kiss of the dragon 11.Dragon tears 12.Dragon tears story
2 out of 5

Darkyra Black is a new artist from Australia, influenced by several genres like oriental music, opera, gothrock, symphonic metal and artpop. Behind this mysterious lady is also a band featuring Garry King - Drums, Colin Haynes - Bass, Paul Jupe - Guitar, Fab Jablonski - Keyboards and Betovani - Guitar.
Their debut album "Dragon tears" opens really interesting with J-rock vibes on the track "Madoka´s lament", the following "Lullaby of death" sounds like a 2nd division Nightwish and I get bored real quickly. Darkyra sings with a similar vibrato as Sal Solo of Classix Nouveaux which can get a bit annoying after a few songs. The moving "Eyes wide shut" is better, it´s well arranged and a lot more quality in the melodies too. There are some really great moments in the 8 minute long "Never know" but it´s just too long and overambitious, pretty much like the entire album.

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