Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sick Puppies - Connect

Sick Puppies - Connect (2013) Capitol Records
Produced by Tim James / Antonina Armato
Tracks : 1.Die to save you 2.There´s no going back 3.Walking away 4.Gunfight 5.Poison 6.Where did the time go 7.Telling lies 8.Connect 9.Run 10.The trick the devil did 11.Healing now 12.Under a very black sky
4 out of 5

"Connect" is the highest charting album from the Aussie trio Sick Puppies, yet again they show their strength in making albums that ain´t a carbon copy of the previous album and still keep releasing impressive work from time to time.
This is modern rock the aussie rock way, both intelligent and highly professional. Their 3rd major label album is the first new music we get from Sick Puppies since the NCIS soundtrack song "That time of year" from 2010, and what a fab album it is with killer songs like "Gunfight", "Telling lies" and the hitsingle "There´s no going back".
But the true highlight is the progressive and dark "Under a very black sky", just marvelous.
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