Sunday, December 1, 2013

Saliva - In it to win it


Saliva - In it to win it (2013) Rum Bum Records
Produced by Bobby Huff
Tracks : 1.Animal 2.She can sure hide can crazy 3.In it to win it 4.Choke 5.Redneck freakshow 6.Lost 7.1,000 days 8.Flesh 9.The enemy 10.Rise up 11.I don´t want it 12.I.D.N.A.E 13.No one but me 14.Army 15.Closer
3 out of 5

The only two original members left, guitarist Wayne Swinny and bassist Dave Novotny keep pushing their band forward with a new line up on their 8th album "In it to win it".
Singer Bobby Amaru (ex.Burn Season) has replaced Josey Scott who left the band to pursue a solo career, together they have created a solid Saliva album with less rap and instead focus on active rock charting songs like "Choke" and "In it to win it". The new single "1,000 days" sounds a bit like Sevendust while songs such as "Rise up" and "Flesh" are typical Saliva songs that could´ve been recorded with Josey Scott.
15 tracks might be a bit too much since the last three tracks feels like album fillers, but the album opens strong with "Animal" and "She can sure hide crazy". They rock.
Whatever happened to the song "All around the world" that Saliva posted on youtube in 2012? It´s not included on the new album.

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