Wednesday, December 4, 2013

RA - Critical mass

RA - Critical mass (2013) Sahaj Music
Produced by Sahaj Ticotin
Tracks : 1.Brutiful 2.Awake 3.Supermegadubstep 4.It´s all over now 5.Anything you want 6.Won´t be home tonight 7.Running blind 8.Hollow glow 9.Ecstasy 10.Tragic empire 11.The voice inside my head 12.Through the valley 13.Crawling to the sky
4 out of 5

Even though Sahaj Ticotin has been rather busy lately in the music business, there hasn´t been any new music from his band RA since the 2008 album "Black sun". He released his first solo album "Another minute" last year and produced the band Concordia´s debut album, Sahaj also wrote with Emphatic for their latest album but what we all want is a new RA album and "Critical mass" is just what the doctor ordered.
RA´s 4th studio album is just as good as any previously released RA album, I´m a sucker for soulful modern rock with intelligent songstructures and groovy hard rock riffs, Sahaj deliver the goods for sure here. You have to look hard to find any album fillers, real hard. What about mindblowing songs like "Through the valley", "It´s all over now" or "Brutiful"! If those won´t make you satisfied, nothing will in this genre.
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