Tuesday, December 3, 2013

John Fannon - Saved all the pieces

John Fannon - Saved all the pieces (2013) Walking Wild Records
Produced by John Fannon
Tracks : 1.Just you and me 2.Just run 3.Hearts are breaking 4.So tied up in you 5.Go on your way 6.Write your name 7.Saved all the pieces 8.Go to the sun 9.Running easy 10.Give me love 11.So here I am
3,5 out of 5

This was an unexpected release, the first ever solo album from former New England frontman John Fannon. The 70´s pomp rock band that were active between 1978-1982, the band recently did a reunion concert but there are no plans of a new album or tour. So how does Fannon´s solo album sound like? Well, you can hear traces of New England on "Saved all the pieces" but only traces, I wouldn´t say that fans of "Explorer Suite" will jump high of joy when they hear this album. Instead, John is showing his love for his biggest musical inspiration in artists like John Lennon and Jeff Lynne. This is a beautiful album with soft rock songs where Fannon´s melodies will stick like glue to your head, I´m a big fan of songs such as "So tied up in you", "Just run" and "Write your name".
For fans of the albums Julian Lennon-Help yourself, The Rollers-Elevator, L.E.O-Alpacas orgling.

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