Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I believe in Basic Vacation, do you?

One listen to Basic Vacation’s debut single “I Believe,” with its chanty, sing-along chorus and uplifting lyrics, and this up-and-coming trio’s mission is clear: to make emotionally charged, alternative pop-rock that burrows its way deep into your brain. The song is an anthemic foot-stomper that Neon Gold has called “a straight-ahead summertime smash.” Upon hearing it, Idolator remarked: “This kind of effervescent indie-pop would be a baked shoe-gazer’s delight if the chorus wasn’t so relentlessly upbeat.”
The band members bonded over the classic rock artists they were raised listening to, like Led Zeppelin and Queen, ’80s New Wave acts like Tears For Fears, Soft Cell, and Talk Talk, as well as bands with whom they feel a musical kinship, like The Killers, New Radicals, and Foster the People.
“I Believe” is the first shot across the bow for Basic Vacation and is featured on their upcoming self-titled EP, which will be released by Atom Factory Music (an independent label founded by Lady Gaga and John Legend manger Troy Carter) and Capitol Records.
Basic Vacation’s EP was recorded with David Kahne at Avatar Studios in New York City, Grammy-nominated producer Machine at The Machine Shop in Belleville, NJ, and Jon Kaplan at The Lemonade Stand in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and mixed and mastered by Eric Valente. A full-length album will follow in 2014.

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