Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Higher Ground - Gravity

Higher Ground - Gravity (2013) Speechless Music
Produced by Higher Ground
Tracks : 1.Fate 2.Missing you 3.Glory 4.Supernatural 5.Again 6.Remember me 7.Waste of time 8.Tightrope 9.Favorite friend
3 out of 5

I am impressed by the will of not giving up for Swedish rock band Higher Ground, this band was formed in 1994 and has released 5 albums up to date including their latest one "Gravity". They´ve been through some tough times in the past and ain´t exactly playing the most best selling genre in 2013 with a style of melodic rock that has roots in the 80´s. But they refuse to split up and recently released their first album with new music since "A thousand pieces" from 2004.
"Gravity" contains 9 new tracks of melodic rock with a modern touch, not that far from artists like Jamie Meyer, Jordan and Tommy Nilsson. I think it´s a competent album where songs like "Missing you", "Glory" and "Remember me" stand out. I don´t fancy "Supernatural" that much though, it´s a weak song with a real bad chorus.
However, this is a good album that could´ve been released on MTM Music´s imprint PsychoActive in the 90´s. Alternative melodic rock so to speak.

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