Sunday, December 29, 2013

Burns Like Fire - To the ground

Burns Like Fire - To the ground (2014) Autumn and Colour Records
Produced by Burns Like Fire
Tracks : 1.Jean shorts 2.Dissapointment 3.Totally worth it 4.Abandon ship 5.110 degree Beaver fever
2 out of 5

You shouldn´t judge the album by it´s artwork but in the case with Georgia based Burns Like Fire´s new "To the ground" EP, it truly suits the music just perfect because this is non compromising punk rock in the same vein as The Damned, Sham 69 and Buzzcocks. The playing is a bit sloppy and the songs lack of memorable hooks but this ain´t fabricated radio friendly punk rock the 21st century style, so thumbs up for their honesty.
Burns Like Fire are a bit like The Hives of punk, not my cup of tea but they´re ok I guess.

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