Saturday, December 7, 2013

Boston - Life, love and hope

Boston - Life, love and hope (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by Tom Scholz
Tracks : 1.Heaven on earth 2.Didn´t mean to fall in love 2.0 3.Last day of school 4.Sail away 5.Life, love and hope 6.If you were in love 7.Someday 8.Love got away 9.Someone 2.0 10.You gave up on love 2.0 11.The way you look tonight
1,5 out of 5

The long awaited new studio album from Boston must be one of the biggest disappointments of 2013, bandleader Tom Scholz has taken 10 years to write and record this album and the result is a disaster for Boston fans. The mix is a mess and the drummachine must be from the stoneage, there´s no balance between all the hundred guitars and everything else. Scholz insisted on re-recording 3 tracks from the 2002 album "Corporate America" which can only mean he couldn´t come up with more new songs for "Life, love and hope". There are a bunch of lead singers on this album such as David Victor, the late Brad Delp, Tommy DeCarlo, Kimberly Dahme and Scholz himself. But that only creates confusion and I prefer not more than 2 lead singers on a Boston record, the songs are ok and would´ve sounded a lot better with a stronger production except for "If you were in love" that sucks big time. I fear I will never listen to this album ever again.

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