Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blue October - Sway

Blue October - Sway (2013) Up / Down Records
Produced by Justin Furstenfeld / Tim Palmer / David Castell
Tracks : 1.Breathe, it´s over 2.Sway 3.Angels in everything 4.Bleed out 5.Debris 6.Fear 7.Things we don´t know about 8.Hard candy 9.Put it in 10.Light you up 11.Things we do at night 12.Not broken anymore 13.To be
4 out of 5

Better late than never or save the best for last, well you can use both sayings in the case with me and Blue October´s latest album "Sway" that came out this summer but I didn´t listen to it until now. Shame on me!
No excuses here, they are as great as ever and since their previous album "Any man in America" showed a heartbroken man in Furstenfeld´s lyrics, the new album is filled with hope where we can sense a fresh new start in love and life.
Furstenfeld grew up listening to sad songsmiths such as The Cure and The Smiths but also Peter Gabriel which makes all things clear when you listen to Blue October, however they turn it into their own progressive modern rock in a slow mode.
Sit down, relax and enjoy the ride.
It´s good to see David Castell back in the producer chair, he worked with the band on their 2003 album "History for sale" and 2006 album "Foiled".
Castell co-produced the new album together with Furstenfeld and Tim Palmer who also did "Any man in America", the sound is warm and suits perfectly to beautiful songs like "Things we don´t know about" and "Not broken anymore".
The singles "Bleed out" and "Angels in everything" are classic Blue October songs but my personal favorite is "Things we do at night", oh la la....a tear almost fell from my eye there.

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