Friday, December 6, 2013

Bilson - Me, myself and I

Bilson - My, myself and I (2013) Independent
Produced by Rob Bilson
Tracks : 1.Breathe 2.I´m in love and I´m not letting go 3.Hold you for a moment
3,5 out of 5

Seven Day Faith was a really good melodic rock band from Niagara Falls, it´s been quite a few years since their last record so I do welcome new songs from their frontman Rob Bilson.
Well, Bilson released his first solo album "Beautiful tonight" in 2012 but I didn´t find out until now when he put out the new 3 track EP "Me, myself and I". This is an appetizer for the upcoming full length album to be out in 2014, the new single "I´m in love and I´m not letting go" was also included on his previous album but it´s definitely worth a second chance because it´s a great song.
Bilson wrote, played and produced the new EP himself and I really dig his mix of AOR, modern rock and country. Imagine Bon Jovi meets Keith Urban with a touch of Matchbox 20 and you´ll get these 3 new songs. My favorite is "Breathe", most times the chorus is the best part of the song but in this case - the verse on "Breathe" rules.

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