Monday, December 30, 2013

Bastille - Bad blood

Bastille - Bad blood (2013) Virgin Music
Produced by Mark Crew / Dan Smith
Tracks : 1.Pompeii 2.Things we lost in the fire 3.Bad blood 4.Overjoyed 5.These streets 6.Weight of living Part II 7.Icarus 8.Oblivion 9.Flaws 10.Daniel in the Eden 11.Laura Palmer 12.Get home 13.Weight of living Part I
3 out of 5

#1 on the U.K albums chart, 6 hitsingles and my daughter talks about them all the time. Well, I thought I should check out what the fuss was all about. Bastille is a new band with 4 Londoners where the music is all written by singer/keyboardist Dan Smith. Their debut album "Bad blood" has truly conquered the world and it was recently released as a double album, "All this bad blood", including one disc of bonus tracks and b-sides.
The music is very mainstream and hardly groundbreaking, but the songs most often contain strong melodies and the production sound like a million bucks. You can definitely hear traces of Coldplay in there but also A-ha and The Killers. Whether you like it or not, Bastille is here to stay and I dont mind ´em. "Pompeii" is a really great song which is perfect for dancing in the moonlight to.

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