Monday, September 9, 2013

Through Colour - Somnium

Through Colour - Somnium (2013) Independent
Produced by Through Colour
Tracks : 1.Daydream 2.Lost 3.Ink 4.Broken 5.Till the end
3,5 out of 5

If I had a record label, the unsigned British rock band Through Colour would be one of the first I´d sign. They sound fresh even though their music has a big 90´s modern rock flavor over it combined with pop punk, these guys write really good songs that I just can´t seem to get tired of hearing. The first single "Daydream" is available on youtube and it´s yummy for my ears but it´s hardly the best song on this 5 track EP that comes out on Sept 30th. The closing track "Till the end" is huge, my thoughts go to  Neve while the other songs has more in common with bands like Blessid Union of Souls and Anberlin. The groovy "Ink" gets stuck to my head like superglue.
Also available : Dream in black and white (mini album)

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