Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shortcuts : Jay Stolar , Faith Circus , Sinheresy

Jay Stolar - More than we think (2013)
Are you a sucker for feel-good music? Then here´s what the doctor ordered, New York based artist Jay Stolar puts on a stellar performance on his debut album "More than we think".
He´s got an amazing voice and can carry the songs all by himself, my thoughts go to Paul Carrack, The Carnival Kids and Hall & Oates while listening to this well crafted album. We´re talking pop/rock with lots of soul where the highlights are "Fall apart", "Holding you all through the night" and the new single "Like you do" The summer might be over for now but with Jay Stolar, your summer will last a little while longer.
I think it´s a crime to give this album anything less than 3,5.
3,5 out of 5

Faith Circus - Turn up the band (2013)
A year ago I went to see the Rock of ages musical in London that featured songs from the biggest melodic rock bands in the 80´s, and when I listen to Norwegian band Faith Circus´s new album "Turn up the band", it feels like they wrote songs inspired by the 80´s musical.
Faith Circus released their debut in 2008 and broke up in 2009, just to get back with a new line up a year later. They´ve got a new guitarslinger in HK Rein and a new 4 stringer in Christer Ottesen.
On the first album they had some cool guest artists like Robin Beck, Morty Black, Tony Harnell and Tore Moren. This time around, they handle it all by themselves and the result is predictable party-like 80´s hardrock in the same vein as Bonfire, BlackNBlue and Warrant.
I do like the tracks "Inside the circus" and "Sunshine radio" but the rest only feels mediocre and average.
2 out of 5

Sinheresy - Paint the world (2013)
The Italian band Sinheresy formed in 2009 and started to create music influenced by genres such as gothrock, operametal, classic heavy metal and symphonic rock. They recorded their debut EP "The spiders and the butterfly" in 2011 and signed to Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut full length "Paint the world". The new album has a crystal clear sound thanks to Jens Bogren who mixed "Paint the world", it´s a joy to listen to the production and the orchestral arrangements. The lead vocal part is split between male and female voices which gives the music a whole new perspective compared to female fronted bands like Nightwish, After Forever and Within Temptation. My favorite tracks are "Last fall", "Break point" and "Paint the world".
3 out of 5

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