Monday, September 9, 2013

Shortcuts : Courtesy Drop , Harem Scarem , Coney Hatch

Courtesy Drop - Songs to drive to, cry, and make love to (2013)
The American band Courtesy Drop wrote songs for their new album to drive to, cry, and make love to. Well, the music is certainly filled with despair so I´m totally for the crying part but not easily convinced about the idea of making love to these songs? I think the album´s a bit uneven and do feel it´s a bit too long, there are some great moments like the tracks "Dormant dreams", "Appleseeds from ash night" and the beautiful "Not all those who feel pain are hurt". But I get a little bored after a while, you can hear traces of both Joy Division and Refused in their post punk-ish sound. I do like the melancholic vibes but I won´t go as far as checking out their previous album "What makes this place worth calling our home" from 2011. I think it´s enough with this 13 track record.
2 out of 5

Harem Scarem - Mood swings II (2013)
Just like Twisted Sister that celebrated their 20th anniversary of the 1984 album "Stay hungry" with a re-recorded version in 2004 called "Still hungry", the Canadian band Harem Scarem does the same thing and has re-created their classic 1993 album "Mood swings" from scratch and added 3 new tracks. So what´s the point? Well, for starters, Harry Hess and Co don´t own the rights to the original album and wanted to earn a few bucks on the 20th anniversary when they are performing "Mood swings" in it´s entirety. They´ve done a great job because the performance is identical and the production is almost as good as the 1993 version. But the thing is, when you want to listen to "Mood swings". Will you pick the 2013 version over the original? I won´t. The 3 new songs "World gone to pieces", "Anarchy" and "Brighter day" are all excellent and proof enough that the band should´ve released a LP of only new songs instead.
But it´s difficult to turn this album down when we´re talking Harem Scarem´s best album.
4 out of 5

Coney Hatch - Four (2013)
The Canadian boys of the reunited Coney Hatch are back with their first album in 3 decades, the band released 3 classic melodic rock albums betwen 1982-1985 where their song "Hey operator" was covered by Aldo Nova on his "Subject" album. There hasn´t been much music coming from the boys of Coney Hatch after these 80´s albums except for a solo album in 1990 from singer/bassist Andy Curran and a couple of solo albums from singer/guitarist Carl Dixon.
The comeback album entitled "Four" contains first class melodic rock in the same vein as the first 3 albums, the first single "Blown away" sounds like Foreigner meets AC/DC and it´s also one of the highlights along with the Cheap Trick-like "Connected" plus the great "Revive" which is classic Coney Hatch. The rocker "Down and dirty" bring thoughts to Bad Company, the Brian Howe era while "We want more" can be described as the Coney boys taking on Led Zeppelin, very cool.
Welcome back!
4 out of 5

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