Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shortcuts : Chris Pickering , Pedaljets , Sorronia

Chris Pickering - Circles (2013)
"Circles" is the 2nd of 3 EP´s released in a year from Australian singer/songwriter Chris Pickering, the first one "Corners" was released in Sept 2012 while the latest one "Canyons" is coming this fall. Pickering´s songs have roots in 60´s pop, alternative country and indie pop. The opening track "Circles" and "Slip in time" sounds like The Who meets Crowded House while the following "Trivia" has traces of Travis and Semisonic, the acoustic "Broke my own heart" is more of a folk-ish alternative country song but I prefer the title track over this one. His voice is reminiscent of Ben Folds in some moments which is nice, this is a decent EP from a talented artist.
2,5 out of 5

Pedaljets - What´s in between (2013)
The Kansas based rock band Pedaljets formed in 1984 and toured non stop in the 80´s supporting bands like The Replacements and Flaming Lips. They released two albums, "Today today" in 1988 and "Pedaljets" in 1989 before they parted ways in 1990. Two decades went by and in 2009, the band reunited for a few shows and decided to write songs for a comeback album that resulted in "What´s in between". I like this album because of the old school punk-ish garage rock sound, my thoughts go to bands like The Jam, Iggy Pop and Eddie and The Hot Rods.
The best tracks are "Change", "Terra Nova" and "Measurement". So why not check em out on Spotify.
3 out of 5

Sorronia - Words of silence (2013)
Here´s another female fronted symphonic metal act in the same vein as After Forever, Epica and Within Temptation. The Hungarian band Sorronia formed in 2011 and signed to Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut album "Words of silence", it´s well produced and well performed but the songs lack of strong hooks. I did try to get into this album and listened a few times to it but the music just don´t move me at all. Anna Kiraly is a good singer and I love the bombastic intro but then the album fails to maintain the same quality. Except for the song "Shattered", the rest just don´t have the same class.
2 out of 5

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