Saturday, September 14, 2013

Prey On The Fallen - Prey On The Fallen

Prey On The Fallen - Prey On The Fallen (2013) Independent
Produced by Ryan Greene
Tracks : 1.Prey on the fallen 2.Sherman´s march 3.Complete hypocrisy 4.Last breath 5.Vultures to flesh 6.Present time 7.Hotel California 8.Chain reaction 9.Creed to the greed 10.War
3,5 out of 5

Now this is a great debut album from Los Angeles metallers Prey On The Fallen that blend classic hard rock with heavy metal, perfect in these times when autotune pop is taking over the charts around the world. Are you a fan of Godsmack? Then you should absolutely check out this 10 track album with killer songs like "Complete hypocrisy" and "Vultures to flesh", and how often do you get to hear a heavy metal version of Eagles hit "Hotel California"? Prey On The Fallen do it good and I really like their re-make. I think "Last breath" would be much suitable for the next Terminator Movie Soundtrack, that song is so powerful with macho riffs and a nice intro. Highly recommendable and also for fans of Angels of Babylon and The Jupiter Tide.

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Thanks for the Killer review!