Saturday, September 21, 2013

King Washington - The Overload

King Washington - The Overload (2013) Independent
Produced by Alex Pfender
Tracks : 1.The Overload 2.Land without age 3.Nobody´s journey 4.Terrible affection 5.You let it go 6.If you wanna get high 7.Don´t expect my love 8.You´re a cat 9.The legend of Red Mohagany 10.Old highway 9 11.The cinemas
3,5 out of 5

Even though I haven´t heard the whole debut album "The Gears" from L.A based King Washington, I really did enjoy their 2011 single "Bawl and change" and must say that I´m a big fan of their new album "The Overload". Their music is a crossover of classic rock of the 70´s and modern folk rock, at times they´re like a indie rock version of Mott The Hoople and in other songs they sound like a mix between Kings of Leon and Bleu. "Old highway 9" could be an unreleased song by Mumford and Sons while the single "Don´t expect my love" bring thoughts to David Bowie. Other highlights are "The cinemas", "The Overload" and "Terrible affection". The harmonies are first class and I can only say that if you´re a fan of artists like The Nines, Mika Viola and Jackdaw 4. Buy this at once!

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