Friday, September 6, 2013

Desolated - Disorder of mind

Desolated - Disorder of mind (2013) Independent
Produced by Desolated
Tracks : 1.Year of the snake 2.Death by my side 3.Suffering 4.Strung up 5.Delusions
3,5 out of 5

You can´t track every single metal band down, it´s impossible. But the Southampton based metalact Desolated have made a mark on the map of metal with their brand new "Disorder of mind" EP. I wasn´t aware of their debut full length "Verse of Judas" so I´m glad I got to hear their new EP, these guys blend 90´s metal with metalcore where the sound is raw and exhilarating. The bass cut through you like a laser and even if they share the same hometown as synthpop hero Howard Jones, their sound has more in common with bands like Thick as blood, American Me and For Today. These guys mean business and I just love the wall of guitars coming at ya in every song, the two tracks "Death by my side" and "Suffering" soundalike but it´s a mere trifle. Thumbs up for the other tracks, just listen to "Delusions" that feels like a steam locomotive headed your way.

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