Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ashestoangels - With tape and needles

Ashestoangels - With tape and needles (2013) Dust and Devil Records
Produced by Ashestoangels
Tracks : 1.The highest choir 2.Dolls dolls dolls 3.Dorian 4.Lumi 5.Wintervention 6.Good things come to those who waste 7.Elsinore 8.SOS 9.Ghost frequency
4 out of 5

I´m really weak for music that has a mix of goth, punk and electronica. I do love the mood in Ashestoangels new album "With tape and needles", you´ll get a dose of autumn in their songs but also some winter. You can say their music has the taste of darkness as well as bright shining daylight at the same time, this British band are experts of writing hookladen choruses and if you just close your eyes - you will be carried away in a beautiful daydream to songs like "Lumi" and "The highest choir". I highly recommend this album if you´re a fan of A.F.I, Vampires Everywhere and Carfax Abbey.
Also available : Most beautiful things are dead LP (2010)

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