Monday, September 23, 2013

Arliss Nancy - Wild American Runners

Arliss Nancy - Wild American Runners (2013) Black Numbers Records
Produced by Arliss Nancy
Tracks : 1.Benjamin 2.Troubadour 3.Nathaniel 4.Nothing to show 5.Both get old 6.Hold it together 7.Directions never hold 8.Caols 9.Bloodletter 10.Wild American Runners 11.The GB shuffle 12.Vonnegut
3 out of 5

Interested in some traditional working class rock? Well, Colorado based Arliss Nancy´s new album "Wild American Runners" takes the listener through a soundscape of punkish roots rock with Americana flavor that can be described as Bruce Springsteen meets early Goo Goo Dolls. Arliss Nancy formed in 2007 and has released 3 full length albums and 2 Ep´s but the new album is the first one I get to hear with this 5 piece band. If you´re into bands like Deaf Havana and Gaslight Anthem, you should take a moment to listen to "Wild American Runners". It´s solid all the way with no fillers in sight, I especially dig tracks like "Nathaniel" and "Hold it together". Grab a beer, sit back and relax to this really nice rock band.

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