Friday, August 23, 2013

Wise Girl - You´ll just have to wait

Wise Girl - You´ll just have to wait (2013) Independent
Produced by Chris Fasulo
Tracks : 1.You´ll just have to wait 2.I´m a freak 3.Second 4.So broken 5.Leave me out of it 6.Little white lies 7.I´m not ready 8.Stuck in this 9.Wishful thinking 10.Roles are reversed
3,5 out of 5

I can´t think of any other way to describe New York based Wise Girl´s debut album "You´ll just have to wait" than sunny and positive music that makes you happy. Imagine The Rembrandts meets The Donnas and we´re close to the sound of these 10 songs, the band is fronted by Abby Weitz who´s voice reminds a bit of Rachel Farris and Abby is also the main songwriter behind Wise Girl. This trio released a 3 track EP in 2012 and two songs off that EP are included here, "Wishful thinking" and "Roles are reversed". Two good songs that fit right in with the rest like the infectious single "Stuck in this" that is out now or the irresistable opening track "You´ll just have to wait". Love that tune. My bet for the next single is "I´m a freak" that features a chorus that is real easy to singalong to. Great album!

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