Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sworn In - The Death Card

Sworn In - The Death Card (2013) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Brian Hood
Tracks : 1.XIII 2.Hypocrisy 3.Mindless 4.Dead soul 5.Senseless 6.A song for the nameless 7.Snake eyes 8.Dead pan 9.Mute 10.Three cheers 11.Bitter blood 12.Death 13.Return
2 out of 5

Illinois based Sworn In´s debut album "The death card" keep wandering through different genres such as death metal, extreme metal and metalcore. It´s a fine line between these genres but a well trained ear and a die hard fan knows the difference. Sworn In sounds a bit like Otep meets Slipknot with a flavor of doom on top. I think they´ve got a lovely sound where the guitar riffs cut through the flesh like razorblades but many songs are built on the same songstructure and I can´t seperate one song from another. However I do dig tunes like "Mindless", "Return" and the short "Mute".

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