Friday, August 30, 2013

Shortcuts : Slowlikefire , Joel Compass , Metropolis America

Time for a new feature here at my review page where I´m doing short reviews of new albums because I have way too many requests at the moment, but I won´t quit doing my traditional reviews with full coverage of all album credits and info.

Slowlikefire - Thieves by nature (2013)
This is a new alternative modern rock band from Texas with a 6 track EP available entitled "Thieves by nature", I recently posted the single "My name is Billie Jean Davy" on my Palace of Rock blog and it´s also the highlight on this EP along with the really nice "En Vacio" that contains a strong chorus. Their sound bring thoughts to a mix between Trust Company, Acroma and Socialburn. Perhaps, not as heavy as Trust Company but more towards U2 in some moments. The title track is definitely a grower where I totally dig Jojo Badillo´s vocal performance.
3 out of 5

Joel Compass - Astronaut (2013)
"Astronaut" is the debut EP from the promising London born singer Joel Compass, his song "Fucked up" became an instant hit on youtube when it was released earlier this summer. That song is of course included here along with 3 other indie R&B songs, Joel sings very well and I welcome the electronica elements in his music where especially "Kiss love goodbye" stand out. The title track sounds too much like everything else on the R&B charts but I like the hitsingle "Fucked up", that melody gets stuck in the head for sure.
2,5 out of 5

Metropolis America - Metropolis America (2013)
What do you get if you take a potion of Britpop a la Pulp and Suede and blend it with American indierock like The Killers, well you get the Philadelphia based trio Metropolis America. The two singles "Bittersweet" and "A burden of our youth" are two very catchy songs that will make you put on your new wave costume and dance away. I like this a lot and I already look forward to their next single "A stolen heart in a stolen car", all produced by Brian Sperber (Julian Casablancas).
3,5 out of 5

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