Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shortcuts : Sawthis , INVSN , House of Shakira

Sawthis - Youniverse (2013)
If you´re into old school thrash meets modern metal, here´s an album for you. Italian modern thrashers Sawthis releases their 3rd album "Youniverse" on Sept 30th and it´s an explosive affair of hard hitting metal. They sound really tight and are no amateurs at writing powerful choruses either, imagine a mix between Pantera and In Flames and you´ll get Sawthis. Their new album is solid through all 11 tracks but my favorites are "The logical colours", "The disturbed" and "The indeleble".
This band sure deserve their spot on the map of metal and the concept of the album feels very interesting too with a theme about multiple personality disorder.
3 out of 5

INVSN - INVSN (2013)
The U.S debut from the new Swedish band INVSN (pronounced in-vey-zhuh-n) takes the listener back in a time machine to the glory days of punk and new wave in the late 70´s with bands like Television, A Flock of Seagulls and Echo & The Bunnymen. The band feature members of Refused, International Noise Conspiracy, Deportees and Lykke Li. The first two singles "Down in the shadows" and "The promise" are already available on iTunes and are both perfect ambassadors for the whole album, the members of INVSN comes from the northern parts of Sweden and has also written a tribute song called "Vasterbotten" about their home. The only minus is the song "Distorted heartbeat" that is a carbon copy of "Down in the shadows" but not as good.
However, I like this album a lot so if I have managed to catch your attention as well, mark your calendars on Sept 24th when this album is released.
3,5 out of 5

House of Shakira - Pay to play (2013)
Swedish melodic rock band House of Shakira´s 7th studio album "Pay to play" is the 2nd one to feature new lead singer Andreas Novak, HoS released their debut "Lint" in 1997 and are showing no signs of giving up. "Pay to play" sounds like a typical HoS album and if you´re a fan of their previous self titled album "HoS" from 2012, you will dig the new one too. After several releases on Lion Music, the band has a new home now on MelodicRock Records where this album will be available from Sept 23rd.
Thumbs up for the great harmony vocals, but do they know they borrowed the riff from Thin Lizzy´s "Johnny" on their track "Dopamine Junkie"? Anyhow, this is good stuff and recommended if you like Kiss, Bon Jovi and Thin Lizzy.
3 out of 5


Rachel S said...

I'm so excited about the INVSN release. They were actually just featured on Daytrotter I'm predicting big things for this album once it starts catching on!

Rachel S said...

LOVE the new INVSN album. Their interview with Minus The Bear is so great