Monday, August 12, 2013

Hollow Haze - Countdown to revenge

Hollow Haze - Countdown to revenge (2013) Scarlet Records
Produced by Hollow Haze
Tracks : 1.Room 212 2.Watching in silence 3.Still alive 4.No rest for the angels 5.Life has no meaning 6.We must believe 7.The answer 8.Il tempo del fuoco 9.A fading angel´s life 10.Countdown to revenge 11.The gate to nowhere
3,5 out of 5

Though I can´t say I´ve heard any of the Italian band Hollow Haze´s previous albums, I´m pretty sure their 5th album "Countdown to revenge" has every chance of being their breakthrough album in the world. The new album is the first with new lead singer Fabio Lione (Kamelot, Vision Divine) and he´s one of the reasons why you should listen to these 11 tracks, what a great singer and a powerful voice he sits on. The band has also collaborated with The Wintermoon Orchestra to give them a more bombastic sound, this is so macho and exciting I feel vital while listening to songs like "The answer", "Watching in silence" or "No rest for the angels". We´re talking symphonic metal deluxe here, the mix from Sascha Paeth is topnotch so I can only recommend "Countdown to revenge" the warmest.

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