Sunday, August 18, 2013

Find Me - Wings of love

Find Me - Wings of love (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by Daniel Flores
Tracks : 1.Road to nowhere 2.Another world 3.Dancing to a broken heart 4.Eternally 5.Firefight 6.On the outside 7.One soul 8.Powerless 9.Bottom of my heart 10.Unbreakable 11.Wings of love 12.Your lips
2,5 out of 5

Find Me is a new collaboration between producer/drummer Daniel Flores and Blanc Faces singer Robbie LaBlanc, with contributions from guitarist Daniel Palmqvist (Xorigin) and bassist Jonny Tobro. We already know what pro Daniel Flores is from his bands Minds Eye and The Murder of My Sweet and no AOR fan can complain about Robbie LaBlanc´s vocal capacity. The production on Find Me´s debut album "Wings of love" is really big and it sounds like a million buck so why only 2,5 stars? Well, the thing is that Frontiers releases all start to soundalike mostly because they use the same songwriters for each and every album such as Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse), Robert Säll (Work of Art), Tom and James Martin (Vega), Sören Kronqvist (Xorigin) etc. Just look at recent releases like Jimi Jamison, Toby Hitchcock, Sunstorm, Issa, Fergie Frederiksen, Place Vendome and Kimball / Jamison. They are all involved and even though some of these albums are truly great, I start to feel the point of know return has come.
"Wings of love" ain´t at all bad, there are some good songs on it like "Dancing to a broken heart", "Unbreakable" and "Firefight". If you want your AOR to be like Big Mac and Co, this is a safe buy.

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