Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Evilyn Strange - Mourning Phoebe

Evilyn Strange - Mourning Phoebe (2013) Thirteen 772 Music
Produced by Evilyn Strange / Chris Hughes
Tracks : 1.The ballad of Evilyn Strange 2.Your eyes give you away 3.Everything 4.All that you do 5.Narcissistic bar statistic 6.The world needs someone like you 7.Love finds you 8.No mercy 9.Please don´t tell me 10.Just a little 11.Will you be there?
3,5 out of 5

Now, this ain´t your average hard rock album. The British/Swedish trio Evilyn Strange deliver melodic rock on their debut album "Mourning Phoebe" but you can´t accuse them for being just another melodic rock band because I found their music to be very refreshing and really entertaining. I hear so many names pop up in my head while listening to these 11 songs that put a big smile on my face, with everything from the Ozzy-like "The ballad of Evilyn Strange" to the classic rock of "Just a little" that bring thoughts to Riverdogs. I do like Phillip Strange´s vocal performance a lot where he sounds a bit like Robert Fleischman meets Donnie Vie. Even the music has a bit of that EnuffZNuff flavor to it, the best tracks are "Your eyes give you away", "Everything" and "All that you do". This is also for fans of UFO and Ugly Kid Joe. Highly recommendable.

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