Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Deaf Havana - Old souls

Dead Havana - Old Souls (2013) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by YOUTH / Lee Batiuk
Tracks : 1.Boston square 2.Lights 3.Everybody´s dancing 4.Subterranean bullshit blues 5.Night drives 6.22 7.Speeding cars 8.Saved 9.Mildred 10.Tuesday people 11.Kings road ghosts 12.Caro Padre
3 out of 5

The British band Deaf Havana started out as a post hardcore band but they have a different sound today, the screamo vocals is gone with the wind and instead the band focus on breaking through on the other side of the Atlantic with a more rootsrock sound on the new album "Old souls". This is their first U.S release and it´s released with a different artwork in the U.K than the one included in this review, their previous album "Fools and worthless liars" went no.1 on the rock album charts in the U.K and they have every chance of getting there once again with "Old souls". 
All 3 singles are strong, "Boston square", "Kings road ghosts" and "Mildred". But there´s more to win over the crowd when they play live such as "Lights", "Speeding cars" and "Tuesday people". It´s a good album but I prefer their old sound, this is recommended if you like Bruce Springsteen, Sons of William and Biffy Clyro.

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