Friday, August 2, 2013

Arc Angel - Harlequins of light

Arc Angel - Harlequins of light (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jeff Cannata
Tracks : 1.Harlequins of light 2.As far as the eye can see 3.War 4.Voice of illuminati 5.Through the night 6.Amnesia 7.Fortune teller 2 8.California daze 9.Tonight......forever 10.Get to you 11.Diamonds and gold 12.Legend of the Mary Celeste
4 out of 5

30 years ago, the classic Arc Angel album was released with heavyweight AOR songs like "Stars", "Tragedy" and "Sidelines". Believe it or not, but Jeff Cannata returns with yet another fantastic pomp AOR album under the monicker of Arc Angel. This time without Michael Soldan who was involved in the making of the first album even though it was mainly Cannata´s brainchild. However, we get to see some familiar names on "Harlequins of light" such as David Coe, Scott Spray and Jeff Batter who all played on the 1983 album. Soundwise, the music ain´t far from the pompous AOR of "Stars" but Cannata has also spiced up the new album with some progressive moments of his latter solo career. We even get a new version of his splendid "Fortune teller" and I dig the re-make a lot, it´s got the spirit of the old version but it´s less hi-tech and suits the sound of this new album better. Cannata fans might remember that he did a new version of "Stars" on the 2002 album "Tamorok" and I almost thought that it was included on "Harlequins of light" as well because the song "Diamonds and gold" sounds like a carbon copy. I must admit that I wasn´t too much of a fan of the title track when I watched the video on youtube, it felt like a bombastic hard rock song more suitable for House of Lords but the rest of the album is fabulous. I´m a sucker for Cannata´s pomp AOR in songs like "Amnesia", "War", "As far as the eye can see" and "Legend of the Mary Celeste". Not to mention the more straight ahead melodic rock of "California daze" and "Get to you". Bravo!

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