Saturday, August 24, 2013

American Authors - American Authors

American Authors - American Authors (2013) Island Records
Produced by Shep Goodman / Aaron Accetta
Tracks : 1.Believer 2.Best day of my life 3.Luck 4.Hit it 5.Home
4 out of 5

Beware of one of the best EP´s of this year to be released on Aug 27th, the Brooklyn based American Authors makes infectious songs that will spread like the flu disease in World War Z. Their self titled EP contains a smorgasbord of rootsrock, a bit of folkmusic and catchy pop melodies with 4 harmony vocals on top. Truly amazing! My thoughts go to bands like The Hooters, Mumford and Sons and Indecent Obsession while listening to these songs. I think all 5 songs have potential to be smash hits. I just love this EP. It´s time for the crowd to make the wave around the arena.

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