Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What Now - Move like a sinner

What Now - Move like a sinner (2013) Independent
Produced by What Now
Tracks : 1.Ready to be heard 2.Money maker 3.If looks could kill 4.Move like a sinner 5.Jackson 6.High class 7.Back to blood Pt 1 8.If you want my blood Pt 2 9.Midnight swimmers 10.Wasting away 11.Should´ve said so 12.Animal 13.Lovers and liars
3,5 out of 5

What Now is a trio from South Africa that moved to London, England. The new album "Move like a sinner" is the follow up to the 2011 EP "Take control", this is one helluva catchy album with dance rock oriented songs that sounds like The Killers in an Aussie rock mode and with traces of Reamonn and Kane. The new single "If looks could kill" is one good example of the greatness of this lovely band, the title track "Move like a sinner" should please fans of Tears For Fears and Simple Minds. The term Arena rock isn´t a common genre these days but What Now truly belong on stadiums with songs like "Jackson" and "Lovers and liars", do yourself a favor and get this one on iTunes. Highly recommendable!

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