Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Sheds - I´ll be fine

The Sheds - I´ll be fine (2013) Mediaskare Records
Produced by The Sheds
Tracks : 1.I´ll be fine 2.Everything I love 3.The rock and the wring 4.Writer´s block 5.Almost famous 6.Bad things are bad 7.Wrathbone 8.Ignorance is bliss 9.Tunnel vision 10.You´ll be fine
3,5 out of 5

Don´t you think it´s time to bring back rock into the charts, aren´t we all fed up with autotune pop, computerized R&B and DJ´s from hell?! It´s time for a change and real bands with real musicians like Southern California based The Sheds is a good start to hit back with their attitude and energy, the new album "I´ll be fine" is the follow up to the 2012 EP "Self/Doubt" and what we get is 10 explosive tracks of melodic punk rock anthems. The band is really tight and you can tell they´ve been touring very hard the past year, there´s only one way to play this album and it´s loud. Highlights : "Writer´s block", "Ignorance is bliss", "Tunnel vision". Definitely for fans of Bad Religion, The Mongoloids, Sum 41.

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