Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Saddest Landscape - Exit wounded

The Saddest Landscape - Exit wounded (2013) Topshelf Records
Produced by Jon Taft
Tracks : 1.Those yet lived 2.Redefining loneliness 3.Heartbroke and fear sick 4.Coffins like ours 5.Breath in a darkened room
2,5 out of 5

U.S based hardcore band The Saddest Landscape have been around since 2002 releasing CD´s, LP´s and singles but it´s in fact the first time I listen to a record with this 4 piece band. I think you could call their music as autumn-like hardcore similar to bands like Refused, Thursday and Gallows. They´re a bit technical and also experimental but in a colorful way, the music is evocative and quite loud but there are moments when you´re able to catch your breath too. It kinda gives me "the end of the world" vibes while listening to songs like "Coffins like ours" and "Heartbroke and fear sick", which is cool. I like bits and pieces of this EP but I can imagine they´re a great live act.

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